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Home Tint/Frost

*Commercial Windows

Tint Films 


Dyed Film  

*Most economical  

*Least expensive  

*Blocks light rays by addition of dye to film  

*Solar heat absorbed by the dye  

*Primarily used for appearance –blocks colors-  

*Defends against fading over time  



*Keeps heat away from space by reflecting it away  

-done by small particles (metallic and invisible to the eye) embedded in the film  

*Metallic content strengthens the glass as well  

*Creates shiny appearance from the outside  

*More resistant to scratches than dyed film  


Downfall: *Tendency to interfere with cell and GPS transmission and radio reception  



*Better results:  

*No metals, tasteful dark matte finish  

*Carbon content blocks 40% infrared light (which causes heat)  

*Efficiently cools inside space while preventing fading of interior  

A/C doesn’t have to work as hard in the summer as well as heating system in winter and

will not fade in time  



*Highest quality  

*Most expensive  

*No metal dyes or carbon. Contains ceramic particle non-conductive /non metallic

45%-50% solar heat rejection in the form of infrared light  

*Allows maximum visibility day and night  

*Maximum function of radios, cell and GPS   

*Resistant to flare, fading, renders glass highly shatter proof  

*Most effective blocking with ultraviolet light from interior up to 99% 

(UV rays contribute to sunburn, cancer)  


Spectrally Selective 

*Window films provide excellent heat rejection  

*Energy Savings  

*Virtually invisible appearance  

*Reject up to 97% heat rays, 80% infrared rays, 99% of ultraviolet rays  

*Reject heat while maintaining high level of natural day light  


Spectrally Selective VS. Conventional Film  

*Most conventional films transmit less than 35% of visible light resulting in darkend interiors  

*Blocks heat and decreases HVAC but need more light so increase illumination  

*Increase utility cost defeats major purpose of film  

*Clear Spectrally Film offers best ration of light transmission to heat rejection  

*Let in the light while blocking heat  


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